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Headquartered in suburban Chicago, RCM Industries, Inc. is one of the largest custom aluminum die casting companies in North America. For over 60 years, the company has been a major supplier of custom casting solutions. With four manufacturing facilities, RCM is able to serve a broad spectrum of manufacturers.

RCM’s multiple manufacturing facilities provide effective die casting solutions that address the stringent engineering and quality standards of customers among a variety of industries. When you need a casting to serve a specific function or enable a critical application, RCM has the expertise and resources to create your custom aluminum die casting solution.

RCM US Locations
RCM Global Locations

Custom Manufacturing Expertise

RCM’s multiple plant locations and global partnerships create knowledge sharing, economies of scale, and flexible production scheduling synergies for your custom aluminum die casting requirements.


Product Quality

Each RCM manufacturing facility maintains a quality assurance laboratory which is capable of effectively managing product compliance to specification. Process monitoring and quality audits occur at every stage of die casting to consistently maintain our strict density and porosity standards.

Technical Depth

Depth of technical monitoring and personalized care is evident throughout each RCM aluminum die casting project. Prior to commencing the full production of your parts, we will produce a complete set of samples of every die cavity for your project.

Customer Focus

RCM thrives on having high interaction with every customer. Quality assurance and cost-saving measures resonate throughout all RCM die casting projects.  EDI communications technology, scheduling accuracy and quick die-change techniques allow Just-In-Time manufacturing to meet your demand forecasts and shipping parameters.

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